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Fast and Cheap Computer repair.Buy and Sell Used Laptop

Desktop Computer and Laptop Repair

Our fully trained and experienced hardware and Operating System support team will detect and repair all your desktop PC problems, quickly and effectively. Diagnosing and repairing PC faults is one of our busiest services and we've worked on all types of computer .

Whatever the problem, we've seen and dealt with it all before. From keeping the old family PC ticking to problem solving and optimisation on the most up-to-date hybrid games machines.

We can source and fit any parts or components your PC needs, often with a range of options to suit your particular budget or performance criteria.
Boot Up problems
BIOS Problems
Operating System faults Welcome to website.
DISK or RAID problems
Power Supply faults
Noisy or broken fans
Motherboard faults
Graphics Problems
Sound problems
CD/DVD drive problems
Windows error messages
Mouse or Keyboard errors
WIFI connection problems
Network card problems

Don't waste time getting frustrated, we'll get your PC running smoothly
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